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Oct 20, 2017

In 1984 Paul Hogan used his messaging skills to convince 300 million Americans to love Australia. His tourism campaign was such a success it underpinned Australia's success for two decades.

Who wouldn't want another their own shrimp on the barbie?

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Paul Hogan Tourism Ad
Pitch video to Australia Tourism Board (60 minutes segment)

Show Notes:

00:35 My headline of the day is that Australia owes Paul Hogan five billion dollars

1:25 Paul Hogan embedded a number of messages into the mind of the United States

2:05 A look at Paul Hogan’s history

4:37 The perception of Australian’s by America before Paul Hogan

6:25 Paul Hogan’s idea for tourism ads that changed American’s mind

9:16 Analysing the messages in the TV commercial for America

14:10 Australia benefited from tourism for years and Paul Hogan success

17:01 Paul Hogan paved the way for Aussie actors in Hollywood

17:28 Let's go back to B.H. before Hogan

19:23 The confirmation bias and what I sometimes call the closeness problem

21:18 Where is Australia now from a brand perception and from a marketing point of view

22:29 Australian Tourism Board ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2006, Lara Bingle

25:30 There's been a messaging vacuum for many years

26:47 What's taking over is influenced by National Geographic